Have you ever thought about the enigma behind colors? There’s a bunch more to colors than what meets the eye. Colors can uncover new areas as well as be used to manipulate objects. Colors are a magical thing!

Hue has you exploring as the titular Hue to find his long-lost mother. In order to find Hue’s mother, you will need to talk to a manifold of characters who can only see the world in grey… through talking to the cast Hue will uncover more of the mother’s discarded research. The research involves the ability to see hidden colors. The game does not give you all the colors at once, though, but rather you will slowly unlock them over the course of your play sessions. Being able to unlock these colors and knowing how to use them will prove convenient in solving this puzzle-adventure.

These colors allow Hue to manipulate objects like crates, which can help in cases when you need to climb high-to-reach locations, or just to prevent death from a spike trap; using these colors to your advantage will help in uncovering new areas that, one can hope, will lead to solving the disappearance of Hue’s mother.

The ability to change the background colors in order to solve a puzzling disappearance is an interesting “gimmick”, and one that helps make this game stand out in the oversaturated puzzling genre. This engrossing mechanic combined with a flawless story makes for a pretty unique experience. Albeit there are some issues, like the lack of content.

Unfortunately, the game is a rather short experience… which is not always a bad thing, but in this case it is. There is no incentive to come back after finishing the story (a story which can be completed in as little as five hours). It would’ve been amazing if there was some sort of post-gameplay elements to unlock, like collectibles, cosmetics, or music.

Visually speaking, the game is stunning. It’s hand-drawn, pencil-shaded aesthetic translates pleasantly with the ever-changing colors. This is the sort of game that is relaxing to play in bed at night.

In terms of the game performance, there isn’t much to say. It runs as intended. The game has no framerate issues in handheld or docked modes and maintains its crisp graphics.

Overall, if you are looking for a nice tale to dip your toes into and finish in one sitting, this game is for you. If you are looking for a game that you will delve into for a long while, well, you won’t find that here.