As a table games dealer at a nearby casino, you can imagine that I’ve seen quite a few slot machines in my day. With flashy lights and the alluring promises of big jackpots, it’s no wonder that people are universally drawn to them. For those of us with lighter pocket books, the digital realm has provided us with virtual slot machines, and Jackpot 777 by developer RCMADIAX is one such game available to you.

Right off the bat, the game launches you into the “action” once you tap the start screen. Here you’ll encounter a lone slot machine amidst a black background, and from here you’ll start with 100 credits and see how much you can win. You have the option of betting between 1-3 credits before you spin the reels, and that’s about it. You cannot stop the reels manually, and besides bringing up a pay table to view, all you’ll do is use the touch screen to mindlessly spin the reels over and over, much like you would at a real casino.


With no additional slot machines to choose from, the game’s simple vector graphics of a generic fruit machine will get dull rather quickly, and the single music track you are given will begin to get on your nerves. The game does keep track of your winnings, but since you cannot stop the reels yourself, and due to the random nature of slot machines, there is no feeling of accomplishment for racking up a ton of credits.

Much like Splashy Duck, (See the review here) the game suffers from abusing developer assets, and the lack of any variety in the game leaves you with a feeling that little to no effort was put into this title. Even at a budget price of $1.49, there really isn’t anything here worth experiencing. Coming off as a student project rather than a polished game, it’s hard to recommend this game to anyone and it should definitely be avoided.