Life of Boris: Super Slav is an action-adventure puzzle game based on the YouTuber Boris the Slav King. When I saw the game was based on a real-life YouTuber, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. It comes to us from the developer SneakeyBox. Let’s see if this game is worth the $4.99.

To be honest, I didn’t have too high of expectations because I didn’t see how a game based on a YouTuber could be decent. One thing I should get out of the way right away is the fact that the only way to play this game is by using the touch screen. I also want to point out that I’ve never watched any of the Slav Kings YouTube videos.

Although “puzzler” is in the game’s description on the Nintendo store page, this game isn’t much of a real puzzler. You pretty much tap on different items on the screen, which leads to other parts of the story. But you must tap them in the right order to progress.

Life of Boris: Super Slav

Boris: Super Slave quickly becomes boring. For example, on one level, you may have to dress him by tapping on random parts of his clothing. On another level, you may have to fix his car, but again it’s tapping on random things in the right order to move forward. Although the game had several outcomes per level, it still could be completed within a minute or two. This resulted in Life of is not being a very long game, even with 23 levels to complete.  

The only positive thing is that Boris did do his voice over for the game. I guess you could add the mini-games that were a part of it as being a positive. However, honestly, they weren’t that great either. For instance, you have to tap on the screen’s left or right side to keep Boris from falling over. In another, you had to launch a jar of mayonnaise into a basket. Everything about it just all felt so uninspired.

Life of Boris: Super Slav

I said at the begging of the review I didn’t have high expectations; it’s a shame the game proved less fun than I expected. Unfortunately, I did not get very much entertainment out of it at all. It felt more like an educational game for young kids trying to put things in the right order. Sadly, even those can be more fun. However, fans of the YouTube channel may get some entertainment out of the game, but I cannot justify the $4.99 price tag for anyone. Fans should probably stick to the YouTube channel.