Cute is the first word that comes to mind when describing LoveChoice. The art style, music, and writing are all fantastic in this trilogy of short stories.

Without spoiling too much, the first story is Love-Distance, where you play as a boy who sees a girl at a gaming convention. The second story is Love-Distance, where you play as a boy who meets this girl who loves music and either your journey together or a blunt end as you ignore her. The third story is Love-Detective, which has you play as a girl who sees a phone call from another woman on her husband’s phone. Based on the title of this story, you can guess what she does next.

At first glance, you may think that you’re limited to the prompted choices displayed. But, if you look closer and fiddle around with the cursor, you discover new ones are available. There are two to three different endings to each story, and sometimes they are hard to figure out. I even had to look up a guide to get two of the endings since I was getting frustrated not figuring out the right combo to click. But if you’re patient and determined, you shouldn’t need to use a guide as the game isn’t that complex.

The stories are very well written and realistic. Sometimes it can be painful with how real it is, like noticing flaws in your partner or wanting to be with them, but time and distance prevent you from getting closer. It can be easy to pick selfish options since you are controlling the narrative, but the outcomes of those choices will reflect how your partner thinks of you.

Other than picking choices, there is a short minigame in each story. Select the best restaurant by playing a bit of memory as options shuffle around, play your note on the piano at the right time, and point and click puzzle solving. I could see more being included, but I think it’d come across as unnatural, bloating the story and experience.

Overall, LoveChoice offers a good time to experience, at least once with each of the different endings. Priced at $4.99, I think it is worth it. I can tell a lot of heart and love was put into this title.