Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (which I will simply refer to as ‘Lovers’ for the rest of the review), like Overcooked, brings 4-player co-op to the Switch in a fun and unique way.  Nintendo has always been known for couch co-op titles so it’s only fitting that Lovers should grace Nintendo’s latest system.  As is true in Overcooked, teamwork is paramount.  Players must work together to control a spaceship as they embark on an adventure to fight the evil force known as ‘Anti-Love’ and bring peace back to the galaxy.

The gameplay is reminiscent of the old Asteroids game where the player’s view features the spacecraft in the center.  In this case, the ship is anchored to the center of your view at all times.  The spaceship is shown as a cross-section so you can see the interior.  There are ladders and stations for weaponry, thrusters, and shields.  The weaponry is positioned at the north, south, east, and west points and their firing angles are limited to those sides of the ship.  It’s up to the players to move around the ship to the proper stations to take out incoming enemies.  This can be quite the juggling act if you’re playing by yourself or just with one other player.  It gets a little easier to manage when there are 4 players.  One player can focus on driving the ship, another can focus on positioning the shield, and the other two players can fire away.  There are several different strategies you can employ much like Overcooked.  It may not always be the best to have someone at the ship’s helm 100% of the time for instance.  They may need to head to a turret in the heat of battle to fend off forces that are greater in number and that are approaching from all sides.  When there aren’t many enemies around, the game becomes more about exploration.  Players can find ‘space bunnies’ held in various prisons and, by helping them escape, you can move on to new levels.  There are also presents in the form of little gift boxes that contain various gems.  A metal gem will change a turret to a big mace-like flail weapon, while other gems will upgrade your firing potential and your shields.  Found two metal gems?  Why not try putting them both on the same weapon placement to see what happens?  There are really a lot of combinations players can tinker with as the game progresses.

The visuals in the game are highly colorful and vibrant.  The game won’t win a lot of awards on sheer technical prowess, but the visuals are very polished.  The neon colors contrast nicely with the void of space and give the game a nice tone throughout.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is an interesting title that is perfectly matched to the Nintendo Switch.  The game won’t take you long to complete but it’s also only $14.99.  I think the price is a decent one to pay especially for a game that will provides hours of co-op fun.  If you’re in the market for some good party games for the Switch, you should definitely consider Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime.