My Big Sister is an adventure role-playing game from Ratalkia games. With the growing number of indy RPG titles on the Nintendo Switch, is this one worth your time?

When I started playing I was expecting more of a traditional RPG where you battle enemies and level up characters. Instead, you interact with characters and items to solve puzzles to continue on with the story. To a certain extent, it felt like a click and point title. At the beginning of the game I really enjoyed it, and my interest never really went down. 

My Big Sister

You play as Luzia, who is a sarcastic 12-year-old who will keep you guessing on what is going to come out of her mouth next. She has the same recurring nightmare every time she sleeps. In the nightmare, her older sister Sombria (or Sombie as she likes to call her) is a ghost. Not only does Luzia have nightmares, but she also has to deal with the weight of trying to save herself and her sister after they are kidnapped. The more you play, the more of the story’s creepy truths are revealed. Without giving away anymore I will say the story certainly does stand out. 

Visually, it reminded me of an early Pokemon game with a much darker and more eerie theme. The setup houses and other places explored inside and out just felt and looked similar. The music was fitting to the game and helped set and keep the eerie tone going. Visually and audibly, there were no complaints from me. 

My Big Sister

There were times when I felt that I misused an item or I should have done something different, but luckily it has multiple endings. If a game being replayable is something you are looking for, then My Big Sister might be it. I don’t believe I got the ending the girls deserve, so I will certainly go back and try to make the correct decisions next time. I can say my only real disappointment with the game was not getting the best outcome.  My Big SisterIn the end, My Big Sister had a story that stands out from the crowd. With multiple outcomes, it certainly does hold the value of it’s asking price of $5.99. Players looking for a more traditional RPG experience may want to steer away. If, however, you’re seeking a good puzzler RPG with a decent sense of humor that helps lighten some dark themes, then My Big Sister is something to check out.