If you’re a fan of old-school PC games and you like a good jump scare, then how about trying something different? Something a little out of the ordinary; something “otherworldly” even?!? Yeah, it would be nice to go to another world right now. With all of this “stuff” going on. But, right now I’m referring to the game Otherworldly for the Nintendo Switch.


While horror games have always intrigued me, I really hate playing them. I don’t like being scared while I’m playing a game. There are some really good, scary games that I’ve missed out on because of that. Otherworldly was almost one of those games. You’re trapped in a dark Labyrinth-type area, equipped with five matches (as your light source) and nothing else. I was pretty scared my first playthrough. Being unfamiliar with the game made it that much more intense… but that feeling quickly passed.

I did have fun playing this game, but steam bursting out of a vent in the ground and some floating skeletons can only be scary for so long, right? The scariest and best part of the game for me was the big, mutant monster things that lurk around. There aren’t many of them, but when you come across or get close enough to find out what it is, it’ll probably be too late to get away. See, I didn’t realize you could hear their movements until I turned my TV volume up and started paying attention. But, as far as I can tell from my playthroughs, there isn’t anything to defend yourself against these creatures.

Just as I started having some fun and getting over the jitters, the game was over and I had to do it all over again. The labyrinth generates a different layout each time you play, but I felt like it was a lot easier once I knew what to do. Aesthetically, it all gets a little boring after a while. The game gives you one goal at the beginning of each playthrough: collect at least $5000 to exit the dungeon. As you explore, you’ll find hidden treasures, candles, extra matches, and apples. The treasures go towards your money total and the apples are used to regenerate health. There’s also a mini-map that makes it easier to explore. Showing where you have and haven’t been yet. There were times when I would find the exit but not have enough money to leave, so that helped a lot when I needed to find my way back. That’s really all the game has to offer, though.

Overall, I think most of my fun was had in the first 15 minutes of this game, then I was like “ok, now what?”. A good run can maybe last 5 whole minutes. Some different enemies, levels, quests, or any kind of variety would have made it a lot better. But, if you still want to have a go, or maybe you want to try for a speed run or something, I recommend waiting for one of the many sales the eShop has every month.