Most everyone that had a child in the last 10-years knows about Paw Patrol/Mighty Pups. That catchy theme song that rattles in your head all day as you gleefully go about your parental business. As a father of a six and four-year-old, I know Rubble, Chase, Zuma, Marshall, Skye, and Rocky all too well. Those crazy, crazy, pups.

Paw Patrol/Mighty Pups: Save Adventure Bay is a new installment of the widely popular kids’ show on the Nintendo Switch. For this review, I only played a small amount of the game, but my six-year-old son is the one that got down and dirty with these loveable pups. I will only open with my general opinions.

The copy of the game we played was pretty much broken. It took four attempts to start the first level after random crashes. If it were not for my son’s persistence, I would have given up altogether. The game offers some build-up, with a story, but nothing on the lines of an actual show. The gameplay could be equated to an ok flash game, with some action sequences added and very generic controls.

Also, the story really does not matter. My son could not even explain it to me himself.

All in all, the game was poorly made and executed. But being a 33-year old, I am not the demographic for this title. Let us find out what my son thought.

Q: What did you not like about the game?

A: It does not have a lot of cut scenes. The beginning had a little. LEGO The Incredibles has a lot of cut scenes; that game is filled with them.

I also do not like you do not get to pick characters. (Dad note: Each level has predetermined Pups for that to be played)

Q: What did you like about the game?

A: It looks just like that show. (Dad note: NO, it does not)

Q: What would you rate the game? With five being your favorite, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and zero meaning you want to toss it into the trash. (Dad Note: Kid rating logic)

A: Three. One of your games will be zero. They seem boring. (Dad note: I am not sure what he is talking about)

Paw Patrol/Mighty Pups: Save Adventure Bay does nothing to save itself from being mediocre and a weak attempt to take advantage of an easily exciting franchise. To me, the game was almost offensive, with its generic take and the developer’s hope that name recognition carries it – which it almost did. Like I said earlier, I am not the demographic for the game. Being six, my son liked the game, but I could tell he sees the faults in it. (Proud Dad note: He is finishing Breath of the Wild) I’m sure this game will sell well, by its name recognition, but it wasn’t too well received in my home.

To simplify, I gave my son the option between 1-5 for a rating. With his ability to enjoy it, I can confidently give a score 6 out of 10 score even with all its faults.

Wait?! What happened to my four-year-old? What did she think of the game? Yeah, I lost her in about 10-mins to the Paw Patrol TV show.