Fans of co-op gaming may want to consider adding Pitfall Planet to their Nintendo Switch digital library. This puzzle platformer is designed to be played entirely as a duo. Although the press release states that you can “adventure on your own controlling both Astrobots for a real challenge!” I don’t believe this is actually possible. So for solo gamers, there’s really nothing here. It’s co-op players who should continue reading.

As a pair of robots out to fix their immobile ship on a distant planet, you’ll explore, platform, and solve some puzzles. Finding new levels could be considered puzzles in themselves, as you traverse the planet looking for areas that pique your interest. The areas aren’t overly large and moving is quick enough to prevent any tedium.

Your set of moves is simple, consisting of walking, grappling, and throwing. Grappling your partner allows you to carry them during a few difficult stretches. However, for the most part, you will both be active. So you’ll need to trust your partner to throw you to portions of levels you couldn’t otherwise reach. You’ll also need them to distract enemies from time to time so that you can scatter past safely. Communication is key in Pitfall Planet.

Now, sometimes your aim will miss the mark, even though you swear you lined up right. Sometimes your partner will just be out of reach of your seemingly accessible grapple. And sometimes you’ll fall due to the isometric view. But on the whole, the controls are straightforward and quite effective.

The levels are generally enjoyable and interesting. Some have numerous enemies while others don’t. Some are compact while others stretch long or tall. One level had us hitting a button which rotated the scenery, reminding me of Captain Toad. All levels have hidden gems which are usually a challenge to find. There’s definitely enough variety to keep you engaged until the end boss. My only letdown is those levels that are timed. I really enjoy exploring and these just don’t allow for it. Perhaps the dev recognized them as a weaker link, as they are thankfully limited.

Pitfall Planet isn’t an especially long game, clocking in at just over four hours for us. Replay value is questionable too, as I don’t think buying every hat (for aesthetic purposes only) is a strong lure to find every last gem. With all this said, the game sells for $14.99 on Switch. I think $9.99 (matching the Steam price) is more appropriate for the content here.

Pitfall Planet is fun for sure. But the shorter length, higher cost on Nintendo Switch, and no option for solo players must be factored in. All things considered, I recommend adding this to your wish list for a future sale.