If you’ve been looking for a fun, family-friendly puzzle game with a pretty good amount of content, then you’re in the right place. Puzzle Box Maker is a new multiplayer title, exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch eShop. This game is all about creating, sharing and playing. You can play through hundreds of pre-made Puzzle’s, or create your very own. Kind of like Super Mario Maker.

Using pixel blocks you can create any character or shape that your heart desires – granted they don’t require too much detail. The controls are easy to figure out and you can make a decent picture within minutes. After you’re through with your masterpiece you can then play around and test it out as a level. There are quite a few different modes to choose from, including Kubi mode, where the player explores the design as a 2D level. There’s also a really cool Run mode that turns your creation into an endless, side-scrolling runner where you’re being chased by a giant, fire tornado thing. It’s pretty awesome how many ways you can play a level. One thing that I wish was different is that the game auto-generates items and enemies, so you really have no say in where they will show up.

Another cool feature is being able to upload your creations online for others to play. This expands your library of levels as well. People can vote for their favorite levels and help others achieve a top ranking. There’s also the promise of new levels and images every week, as well as continuous updates. So content and variety are no issue when it comes to Puzzle Box Maker. When I first started playing I spent a lot of time on the pre-made levels. They gave me some good ideas that I was able to utilize in Maker mode, so I recommend starting out there if you’re new to this type of gameplay.

You can use a Pro Controller or a set of Joy-Cons to play. Personally, I preferred the Joy-Cons for the HD rumble features. Given how simplistic the controls are, it’s really easy to get the hang of everything within your first few minutes in the game. Multiplayer mode is pretty great too. In portable mode, two players can lay the Switch on a flat surface, share a set of Joy-Cons, and have their own sections of the screen to focus on. I thought that worked out really well and I wish more games would take note of the split screen use in multiplayer mode. Of course, you can still play with up to three people on the TV screen, but it does get a little hectic sometimes with so much to pay attention to.

My only problems with this title are the menu designs, the easy difficulty, and I really didn’t like a couple of the mini-games. But for the most part, Puzzle Box Maker is a good game for people who like to create, and it also appeals to a much bigger audience of people who like a game that’s packed with content. So if you’re the creative type, or you just want something to play that never seems to end, then check out Puzzle Box Maker on the Nintendo Switch eShop today.