Rigid Force Redux has been an ongoing project that started on the SEGA Dreamcast as a homebrew game. The first few inceptions of the title were R-Type clones, and this is no different. Other than some slight differences, this could be an R-Type sequel. The ship and weapons are almost the same.

This is a fun but straightforward SHMUP. You have five types of power-ups: straight shot (nuff said), spread, ricochet, three different missile types, and the core unit. Instead of R-Types core detaching, this unit has three different configurations. First is the forward shield, the second splits the units into top and bottom, and the third configuration is repeated but in reverse on the back of the ship. These units block bullets, so if you’re fast with your trigger fingers, you could almost be indestructible.

Three different modes of play are available, with the main mission, arcade, and the third I’ve yet to unlock. The main mission takes you through the story. Arcade allows you to challenge not just yourself, but online players for the best score on each level and each difficulty while only giving you one life.

The gameplay is fluid and very easy to get a handle on. Visually, the 3D rendered ships and animations look great, with no framerate loss. The music is very ethereal and pleasant to listen to. However, it tends to give an elevator vibe as it’s very laid back and oddly relaxing. There’s also an adjustable difficulty.

Rigid Force Redux is a lot of fun and easy to play, with no learning curve necessary to get decent fast. I don’t really have anything significant to complain about except it only has five levels and can be a quick playthrough, leaving the only replay value solely in beating the high scores in Arcade mode. 

For the price, Rigid Force Redux is a solid game and fun to play—no loss in grabbing this and blowing stuff up. But not much has been done in this title that stands out amongst an extensive library of shmups on the Switch. It needs more content.

Rigid Force Redux is available on the Nintendo eShop EU, US