The official video game of World Snooker.

When it comes to realistic simulations, Snooker 19 has some success in hitting the little numberless balls into the table pockets. But that might not mean as much as you would think… 

Firstly, the gameplay is finicky. It took me longer than I expected to learn the basics. Even after, it was still frustrating trying to fine-tune my aim. The tutorial doesn’t teach you the rules, but only the controls. The rules are tucked away in the settings, but it would’ve been less of a hassle, and more affable if Snooker 19 included them in the tutorial itself.

Secondly, this game is boring. Snooker 19 lacks personality. Some of that stems from the dated graphics, with low-resolution character models and textures. Whilst understandable that some compromises had to be made when developing for a system like Nintendo Switch, there’s little charm on display here.

At least Snooker 19 has support for both solo and multiplayer. A single-player career mode is linked to real snooker tournaments.  There’s also the well-known “quick play” option, and global online tournaments. You can compete in the latter alone or in multiplayer. Customizing the settings of your very own snooker match to best pair with your preferred style of play helps some.

But, I must go back to my earlier analysis… 

If I had to pinpoint with my little cue-ball exactly why this game remains boring, it’s both the finicky controls and (most especially) the realistic gameplay. That is not to say realistic gameplay is all-bad, but in the case of Snooker 19; it’s dull. Realistic-gameplay is only fun when there is enough charm in both gameplay and aesthetics, e.g. R.B.I. Baseball 19.

All of this being said, if you want to be able to play a fully-licensed snooker game, anywhere and at any time on your Nintendo Switch then this would be a suitable option, albeit a boring one. If you aren’t in need of portable snooker-gameplay, then you are probably better off going to your local bowling alley and/or sports bar. In all honesty, that sounds like a lot more fun than Snooker 19; and that’s coming from someone who isn’t really outgoing.