Sockventure begins with a mum asking her child to collect their socks and put them into the washing machine. A relatable task for any of us who were messy children. Once you approach the machine the child’s imagination runs wild, really capturing the essence of a child when tasked with an incredibly dull yet necessary task. The machine becomes a monster that is not cleaning the socks but instead eating them. Sockventure sells the idea of a household item being terrifying, much like the furnace scene in Home Alone. The game gets going fast, quickly becoming an enjoyably challenging 2D platformer. 

Sockventure certainly lives up to its genre, consistently proving to be a fun challenge. It’s pretty linear in its design as you explore while trying to find odd socks. The controls are simple, which is often the case with these kinds of games, but the challenge comes from how quickly you can move and jump out of the way. 

Sockventure isn’t ridiculously long, however there are collectibles and challenges on offer for those who really want to lengthen their experience. I also found that the difficulty increased generously, never ramping up too quickly and leaving you behind despite gradually introducing new mechanics. These new features also help to make the game feel better and more enjoyable. Its biggest strength is that it is a slow burn; you develop and get better at the pace the game needs you too. If you’re struggling there is an option to add an extra checkpoint in the level, an option that would be welcome in most games I’m sure. 

The short opening section is quite visually unappealing. Fortunately, this is not a reflection of the whole game. Sockventure is dripping with neon colours and style. It looks incredibly simple, but it does a great job of standing out and offering environments that don’t do anything too special, but fun to look at. With every sock you collect you can also equip them to change up the look of your little sockventurer, which is certainly a nice touch featuring some nice designs. 

Sockventure has plenty to offer to any fans of challenging platformers. The ride is incredibly enjoyable, and you can constantly feel yourself improving as the game progresses. This game really is the definition of short and sweet.