Despite being an introvert I can’t remember ever playing a Solitaire game before, let alone Spider Solitaire. After playing Spider Solitaire F (the F standing for Flyhigh which is named after the publisher) I like the card game. However, while this video game version has an interesting way of presenting the rounds of Solitaire, it is, unfortunately, the only stand out feature.

To start, Spider Solitaire F has 100 sets to play, 10 of which are Easy, 20 being Normal, and the rest as Hard. The difference between the difficulties is the number of suits you play with. The sets play out like a puzzle, where you need to line up the order without getting yourself stuck. After you complete a set you get a medal, which is used to unlock themes for your card deck.

For positives, I found the game to be a fun little time waster. It was kinda nice to have a game like this to play wherever. I did like how you needed to be strategic with the sets in order to solve them. The graphics are pretty good and 100 sets are a decent amount. However, there are a few gripes I have with Spider Solitaire F. The card decks you unlock aren’t that impressive to me since I tend to get confused when I’m not used to the style of deck. There isn’t really any reason to replay the sets either unless you really like seeing how fast you can complete them since they are timed.

Overall, Spider Solitaire F is basically a generic Spider Solitaire game but without the replay value. After I played every set, I had no desire to go back to the game. The game isn’t broken, I just feel it could have been something that stood out but instead became forgettable. You can probably find a free Spider Solitaire game on a different system if you really want to play a game like this. The game is currently priced at $5.00 and isn’t worth it unless you really want a Spider Solitaire game for your Switch, and even then I would wait for it to go on sale.