Known mainly for their word titles, Lightwood Games has branched out with this 3DS eShop release. Splat the Difference puts a colorful take on familiar gameplay. It’s also packed with multiple modes to hold your interest while searching for variations in otherwise identical scenes.


Admittedly the paint aspect is gimmicky, but it brings an extra dash of color to the visual package. Finding differences is best in multiplayer, where the screen can quickly fill up with colorful blotches of paint. Speaking of multiplayer, there is download play for up to 4 people! This makes the game an even better value, and a more enjoyable one as well.


The modes present are Classic, Casual, Frenzy, and Mirror. In Classic you are competing against the ever-increasing speed of the clock, or your opponents, with bonus points doled out for quickness. Casual ditches the timer, and when played in multiplayer is more of a co-op experience – my personal favorite as a result of teamwork. Frenzy has just a single difference, but with only a few seconds to find it, is aptly named! Lastly, Mirror flips the images, and may be the most challenging as a result. There is a hint button that can be used occasionally.

3ds_splatthedifference_02Laid against a colorful backdrop, the large number of pictures in Splat the Difference are plentiful and varied. There’s a nice mix from pretty easy, to surprisingly tough. Even if/when pictures repeat, the differences will change. The accompanying music (when playing solo) is upbeat and pleasant, though you can disable it if preferred. Your best score is saved, a welcomed replay incentive to improve.

My main wish would be for the game to offer more differences per picture. Finding hree can go by too quickly; I think a few more would’ve been ideal. Otherwise, the title is very solid for what it is. There’s entertainment to be had for fans of games like this.

Lightwood Games turned what could have been just an average title into a well-built release. The diversity of modes, plus download play, also make for a fairly priced game at just $5.00. I’ve had fun with Splat the Difference, and feel it is a good choice to add to your 3DS digital collection. I’d especially recommend it to families.splat-the-difference-banner