In the past I have reviewed quite a few games from RCMADIAX. Mostly puzzle or strategy type games, and most of which would have done a lot better if they were on a phone App Store or something similar. While I can say I’ve had a LITTLE fun with a few of their past games I cannot say the same for the newest installment, Super Robo Mouse. While it does have a couple good qualities they are quickly overshadowed by small annoyances that are hard to ignore.

Super Robo Mouse begins with a vague description of what’s going on in the game. ApparentlyROBO has been captured by the evil BOLTZ CLAN and needs assistance getting him safely to the goal. PLEASE HURRY!” And that’s all you need to know… I guess. There isn’t really any instructions on your main goal either, the game just tells you to collect the titanium cheese. You have to collect every piece in each level to unlock the exit. When I first started playing I thought, “ok this isn’t so bad, I might actually like this game”. But as I continued to play I began to feel a bit of rage building.


Using the joystick and only the joystick, you guide the mouse around a maze that’s filled with all kinds of deadly obstacles. These range from flying projectiles to sharp deadly traps. Barely touching them will instantly kill you, which starts you all the way back at the beginning of the level. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could keep the cheese I had already collected before dying but noooo! It is a repetitive cycle of going through the same maze over and over again and collecting the same pieces of cheese while trying to survive. Another thing that would have helped is some sort of health system or checkpoints. That would have been greatly appreciated.


The layouts of each level change a little but that’s about it. The obstacles that can hurt you are scattered everywhere, and there’s no sound effects or anything to warn you of an oncoming projectile or the buzzing of a nearby saw. Sound effects could have done so much for this game. The music stays mostly the same throughout each level and the main menu. I kind of liked it at first but It gets very repetitive. The visuals aren’t much better. They’re nothing to scoff at but a little more color or animation would have been great seeing as everything has a cool hand drawn effect to it.


I also hated ONLY using the joystick. The mouse moves along the level at one set speed so it’s hard to sneak up on traps or move just a little bit, resulting in numerous accidental deaths. The control pad would have been easier to use for mobility purposes.  I will give them credit and say the game is playable, if you go super slow and have a lot of patience. So there’s that… Also If you press Y or B during gameplay it will take you back to the main menu. So accidentally pressing those (out of habit or accident) be prepared to start all over.


Super Robo Mouse is a very simple and frustrating game. I was hoping it would be a lot more fun than it was. I recommend waiting for a discount if you’re really wanting to try this one out, but it’s going for $4.49 in the eshop right now if you are interested. With just a few little tweaks this game could have been really good. Probably one of RCMADIAX’s best games. But it really lacks the fundamentals of a good addicting action/adventure game, sadly.