Super Volley Blast is a sports arcade 2 on 2 volleyball game by developer and publisher unfinished pixel. I have to admit I don’t know too much about volleyball. It’s a sport I have casually played here and there, so a volleyball video game is something I never would have expected to play. Super Volley Blast does a great job of delivering solid volleyball gameplay and character customization but doesn’t offer too much more than that.

While there is a story line, however it nothing highly in depth but it did manage to be entertaining. Story mode is nothing more than a tournament with the opposing teams having name parodies of real life celebrities or characters from other games. It does provide a bit of humor and challenge. Once you have defeated the characters they become playable. 

There is character customization that offers rather extensive options. Everything from the name, facial features, height and the clothes they are wearing can be customized.

Multiplayer includes up to 4 players locally, which overall is probably the most fun. Friends and family can go head to head in either a single match or in tournament mode. Communication between partners makes it easier to decide on who is fielding the ball.

Some parts of the game felt empty or left out. There were several challenges to be met, but unfortunately they really were nothing more than challenges; you didn’t earn anything by completing them. The addition of stats of characters would have been nice too.  

Controls where tight but there was a bit of a learning curve, making it a little hard to pick up and play. When playing in single player mode the players must learn which balls to field and which to let the AI field, and when best to pass the ball rather than take the shot. Furthermore, gaining the skill to spike the ball or make a block can be hard to obtain.

Super Volley Blast looked to be a title that I could just pick up and play even with knowing very little about volleyball itself. For the most part this was true, but a view of the short tutorial sure did help. The basic rules of Volleyball apply; there are no special power-ups or other twist to the game. Super Volleyball blast didn’t really have too many features that stuck out to me, however it did a great job at realistic volleyball play. Players who really enjoy volleyball will have fun with the game. Players looking for a sports title with highly detailed characters and gameplay may want to look elsewhere. It certainly isn’t a bad game, but there isn’t anything that makes it a must-have title.