Half the fun of owning a Nintendo Switch is being able to take it out of the house and play whenever and wherever you want to. The only problem is, the Switch is too big to fit in your pocket and with the many different controller options and charging accessories it’s a tough system to just “take and go”. Thanks to the people at Waterfield bags I was able to try out an awesome carrying case that makes the Switch’s portable experience better, safer and a lot more stylish.

When I first purchased my Nintendo Switch the only case that was available wasn’t what I would call secure. In fact I felt so uneasy about it that I would also wrap a small towel around the case so it wouldn’t get bumped around in my purse, it wasn’t my ideal setup. After weeks of dealing with this subpar protection I was lucky enough to receive a much better case that would finally put me at ease. Behold, the Switch Multiplayer Pro Case. One of the fanciest video game carrying cases I’ve ever owned.

I’d have to say that, personally, this is the carrying case of all carrying cases. The Switch Multiplayer Pro Case is setup to house almost every Switch accessory you could need while away from home. There are two different configurations for the layout of the case. The “lan party configuration” and the “multiplayer party configuration”, shown in the pictures above. As you can see, a lot can fit into this compact bag, and it fits comfortably too. The outside material is waxed canvas while the inside is a soft padded liner for protecting your system. The Switch Multiplayer Pro Case is also equipped with a full-grain cowhide leather handle grip and game card holder.

The game card holder can house six Nintendo Switch cartridges. The fit is a little tight when putting the games in and taking them out. That’s a good thing though in the long run, seeing as your games will stay securely in their slots instead of sliding out. The best part about the game holder for me was that genuine leather smell. I don’t know why but I’ve always enjoyed the smell of real leather. On another note I really liked the adjustable shoulder strap. Being able to detach it and use the handles was a nice touch and I liked having the option of choosing between the two.

Since I don’t have many friends that play video games the only reason I would be taking the Switch out is for personal use, which I do a lot. So instead of taking the dock and other controllers with me, I have instead been using the Switch Multiplayer Pro Case as a substitute for my purse. But don’t worry guys, I’m not the girly type so I can assure you that this is definitely a bag that looks awesome on anyone. It holds my Switch console with the Joy-cons attached, my wallet, and the few other essentials I need to get through the day. I’ve really enjoyed using it for the past two weeks and I plan on using it for many weeks to come.

As most of you know, high quality usually comes with a high price. The Switch Multiplayer Pro Case is not cheap. At a whopping $150 I would say it’s geared towards a more serious, mature gamer. I’m not a bag connoisseur or anything but I can tell you this is a great option for those of you who can afford it. It’s going to hold up for a long time, it looks great, it’s spacious and it really does keep your equipment safe. With six pockets inside, two front pockets (capable of holding a portable stand), an adjustable (optional) shoulder strap and a removable game card holder, it really does have everything you need for a comfortable, reassuring portable experience . If you are interested in purchasing, or want a more detailed look at the Switch Multiplayer Pro Case checkout the SFBags website. And if you’re looking for something a little cheaper or smaller in size check out their various other video game carrying cases, also available online.