The Red Strings Club is not just a game but an experience. It is a cyberpunk narrative-driven game about taking down a corporate conspiracy with only bartending, vocal impersonations, and pottery at your disposal.

The story is incredibly crafted with care, keeping you on the edge of your seat intrigued by each intricate twisted detail. While the environment gets stale as a majority of the game takes place in a dive bar, and the oversaturated noire theme, it makes it all feel worthwhile through its story of an android struggling with its power and identity.

Its mechanics also are what make this title shine (although, they did get repetitive). While the controls leave room for improvement, the uniqueness and satisfaction these systems bring to the game attempt to make up for it. It is a game of trial and error. The pottery system for crafting behavior-altering android chips handles its controls much better than its counterpart mechanic: bartending. When bartending, each person you serve gets progressively more difficult. Eventually, you will need to use a mixer. I found that to be when the difficulty really began. I’d recommend using the touch screen on your Nintendo Switch for the mixing of drinks.

Most of  The Red Strings Club consists of dialogue boxes which ask you to make a decision. Each decision feels meaningful; the timing and response matter with every choice you make. If you don’t make the right decision at the right time you are potentially missing out on a lot of information.

Even though The Red Strings Club is in a pixelated genre which is oversaturated, the story all but makes up for it. I would recommend this despite its controls for anyone on a budget looking for a great story-telling game, and for all sci-fi/cyberpunk fans.