Toree 3D is an inexpensive ’90s-inspired platformer. But unlike Siactro’s earlier Macbat 64: Journey of a Nice Chap, it lacks diversity in level design, has an even worse camera, and can be beaten in half the time.

This will be a short review—how much can I say about a game I beat in 40 minutes? In fairness, it tries to promote replay through level grades. However, it doesn’t seem to be dependent on just collecting stars or a speedy completion, but rather both in tandem. For instance, I’ve grabbed every star to get a C and finished levels in under two minutes to get the same grade.

The problem is the camera is seriously clunky. There’s no way to adjust (save camera sensitivity) or remap the controls, either. As a result, I’m not inclined to revisit the game. Not that I expected Toree 3D to have much replay for only 99 cents, but still.

There are nine levels in total, but it might feel like less because many have similar looks and elements. A lack of cohesion is the impression they left me with, as quite a few feel almost slapped together. There might be random airlifts or icy platforms, but no particular design in mind comes across. You can’t even attack the enemies within. Also not helping matters are points where you’re forced to sit and wait for platforms to move close enough to make successful jumps possible. It doesn’t just work against the speed angle; it’s dull, to boot.

I rather like the mid-’90s 3DO/Saturn look, and there are a few pleasant music tracks, as well. But when I put the nostalgic presentation and low price aside, I’m left with the realization that Toree 3D is a short-lived game I just didn’t find particularly fun. The level design is hit-or-miss, and the camera needs more attention. I’d direct players on a budget to Macbat 64: Journey of a Nice Chap instead.