My first introduction to Frozenbyte’s Trine series was during the release of Trine 2: Directors Cut on the Wii U eShop.  I was excited to have the opportunity to play the original Trine with the Wii U eShop release of Trine: Enchanted Edition.

Trine: Enchanted Edition is a remastered version of the 2009 release, built in the beautiful Trine 2 engine. The game also offers local multiplayer play. Trine, much like Trine 2, focuses around three unknowing heroes; The Wizard, The Thief, and The Soldier – All three possess different abilities to help complete and surpass a variety of puzzles.

The Wizard is the most non-combat ready of the three. With his abilities, the Wizard can stop and move objects and platforms around the world.  The Wizard can also summon metal boxes that can be used to help manipulate levels; by acting like a jumping point or a counterweight.

The Thief is the quick and shadowy figure of the bunch. Her skills allow her to traverse and swing through levels with a grappling hook. Her bow is also used to defeat enemies and cut ropes and other objects loose.

The Soldier, the most noble of the group, is the main combat force. With his powerful sword and strong shield, the Solider is the main protector of the group. The soldier can also use his magnetized shield to control metal objects but pulling and pushing them around.

Trine is a platformer first and an adventure game second – With the latter being severely weaker. Trine is mostly puzzles and traversing but when the player is asked to defend the three, things become a little clumsy. All three offer some type of offensive tactic.

The Wizard’s summoned metal boxes, done by tracing a square on the GamePad or with the right Thumbstick, can be used to smash enemies or knock them around. Admittedly this can be satisfying but not always feasible and quick enough to be effective.

The Thief carries a bow that is perfect for long distance and used by holding down the right trigger. Minimal damage is caused but the distance helps with multiple attempts.

The main driving offensive force is a brooding battle-ready solider. The soldier offers a strong and powerful sword defended by an even stronger shield. Combined, the soldier is ready for almost anything – Unless his enemies are far away.

Seeing that the game focuses more on the platforming and puzzle aspect, these offensive tactics are a little clunky. Moving through the levels is very fluid and natural. Manipulating the levels to solve puzzles and reach hidden areas is a pleasure and a joy. Stopping the game to clumsily shoot an arrow or swing a sword is not as enjoyable.

I found Trine and Trine 2 were similar in many ways, and I was ok with that. Both games felt like extensions of the other. Playing Trine 2 first, Trine felt like DLC that added another similar style and story. I could easily see both of these games packaged together, as one.

If you were like me and played Trine 2 first, and loved it, Trine: Enchanted Edition is a must buy. If you didn’t, and are looking for a visually beautiful platformer, then Trine: Enchanted Edition is something to consider.