Give it the old college try.

Two-Point Campus is a simulation game in which you manage a college campus. Starting with a small tutorial, you open your first college and are given goals and tasks to perform to make your students happier. Happy students are the focus of the game, as that leads to good grades and graduation. You can help them out by making the campus comfortable, giving them enough restrooms, showers, dorms, and other necessities, and providing them with a good staff. With a fun charm, Two-Point Campus combines a serious management-style simulation with a laidback comedic vibe that really makes the game enjoyable.

There’s a ton to do in this game. More items unlock as you play, but during your tutorial campus, the game will teach you the basics of how to keep your students happy. One way is by decorating the campus, which was personally my favorite feature. You get to design your college however you want, including placing the classes and rooms.

Each campus has unique classes depending upon the college on which you’re working. You can buy plots of land to expand your college, too, as you buy more classes and gather more students. It’s important that you provide restrooms and showers for your students, as well as dorms, which you can decorate with furniture and posters. You can also do this in the student and teacher lounges, classrooms, libraries, and any other rooms you add.

Another way to keep your students happy is by providing entertainment. You can do this by placing arcade games and other things they can interact with. Students will also ask for specific things you can buy, and it’s important to provide them with food and a clean campus. You have access to the students’ needs and happiness levels, which you can check at any point.

Keeping the campus clean helps students feel hygienic. Showers keep the students feeling clean, but so do janitors. All students have their own personality and quirks, and therefore some don’t quite know how to throw things away. Littering can be a big problem on your campus, so it’s important to have a bunch of janitors around to keep the campus tidy. You can hire janitors, teachers, and staff very easily, each also with their own quirks. The more qualified the staff is, the more you will have to pay them, but this ends up benefiting you as it raises your overall campus status and pays you back well. Taking care of your staff and keeping them happy is just as important as it is for the students. You can hire multiple teachers and have them alternate teaching so they aren’t overworked. You can place a teacher’s lounge for them to relax in during their breaks. All staff members are welcome there, not just teachers.

You can also add a student’s lounge and host events to keep them entertained, and add clubs for them to join. There’s also an option to hold annual events—like a film festival or cook off—and staging these are sometimes required goals for raising your campus rating.

As stated before, there are a ton of things to do in this game that make it fun while also providing a challenge. I really enjoyed that I was able to manage both the business and creative sides of the college. There are also a ton of jokes to be found, and the game provides fun little details such as the students’ different personalities and fashion styles. The different colleges all have a different theme—mostly funny and absurd—which ultimately makes the game really heart-warming.

Two Point Campus is a game that feels better played in handheld mode; at least I think so. The music and art style are fun and quirky, and really add to the games overall aesthetic, but they felt more at home on the smaller Switch screen—like a DS game. Some of the graphics and text are so small, however, that some may be forced to play on a bigger TV screen. The story bits of the game are read aloud, but while the game is going, you have to read a bunch of letters and tips that not everyone will be able to see.

Other than this, I saw no problems with the game.

I found Two Point Campus to be a very fun game I could play for hours at a time. I grew attached to my campuses and really worked to make them the best they could be. The combination of management and creativity made the game super enjoyable, and its funny and quirky vibe will keep players smiling throughout.