There are certain essential factors that are at the core of every racing game, no matter what is built around it, and Ultimate Racing 2D gets a lot of those crucial elements right. It is a very simple, top-down racing game, but the creators have clearly put a lot of effort into concentrating on the things that really matter when it comes to the genre.

It offers plenty of variety when it comes to cars, tracks and racing classes, with both offline and online multiplayer options. There are over 300 different vehicles to choose from. You can race using quad bikes, tractors or even forklift trucks, if that happens to take your fancy. The sheer amount of options available to you inevitably means that some will be less successful than others, but that does lend a certain versatility to the game. You definitely get a lot of playtime for your money just figuring out which vehicle you like best – or which of the clumsier ones you want to challenge yourself with.

If you get tired of the dozens of international tracks, either as part of a career or championship mode, you can create your own custom championship that mixes things up as much as you need to.

The tracks you can drive are pleasantly designed, each with detail inspired by the real-world locations they are inspired by. While it isn’t the kind of thing you’ll spend much time lingering over, it is still a nice touch.

Ultimate Racing 2D is not a hugely challenging game, especially not for seasoned racers, but it doesn’t present itself as one either. It’s inexpensive and simple but still offers a lot in terms of finding a way to play the game your own way.

There is definitely a nostalgia element to why this game works. Between the 2D art style and the simplicity of the gameplay, Ultimate Racing 2D certainly has the feel of a time when it didn’t take a complicated plot or incredibly detailed graphics to lose yourself in a game.