Urban Flow is a multiplayer party game where players try to direct traffic. It supports up to four players locally. Let’s take a look and see if this party game gets a red or green light. 

Urban Flow

Have you ever been annoyed because you are stopped at redlight for what feels like forever? Did you ever wish you could change that light with a push of a button? Well, good news everybody; with Urban Flow you can do just that. Campaign mode can be played with one to four players. The goal is to have the flow of traffic continue without accidents. 

Levels are won by allowing the successful flow of traffic. The more vehicles that pass safely without an accident, the higher your score and level ranking. While directing traffic might sound easy. There are a few things to remember. Vehicles will only remain stopped at a red light for so long before becoming impatient and running the light. Ambulances can only wait a limited time before they will run the light. Occasionally, birds will fly over the roads as kind of a distraction to players. As you progress through the game, things such as hearts earn you accident forgiveness. The hourglass power-up slows traffic, which, if the used properly, can slow traffic to avoid an accident. 

There was one point where the moving vehicle cut the turn too short and hit the car stopped at the red light. There was nothing explained in the game that stated this could or would happen. It rarely happened, but when it did it was really annoying. 

Urban Flow

Playing single player can feel a bit overwhelming, especially in later levels when there were more intersections and roads. It just seemed like too much for one player. On the other hand, Urban Flow is clearly designed for local co-op. The time spent in local co-op was fairly well received. The only real issue was that it only offered two ways to play: campaign and endless. In contrast, my time spent playing in single-player was played in short play sessions before losing interest. 

In endless mode, players choose a level and see how long they can keep the flow of traffic going without an accident. Going the longest without an accident sets the high score. 

Urban Flow

Fifty-four achievements can be completed. There is also a gallery to view different vehicles, buildings, city objects, and music. Gallery items can be unlocked by earning star rankings on levels. 

At most points, the music was usually calming and fit well. A few tracks felt like a distraction, as they didn’t seem to fit the style of music; they had repeating words like “check it out” in them. It just seemed to not fit the music and almost seemed like the use of attention-getting words to purposely distract the player. 

Players looking for a decent co-op or party game should be pleased. Urban Flow is rather enjoyable in co-op. However, players looking for a single-player game should look elsewhere.