Where’s Samantha? is a physics-based puzzle platformer for the Nintendo Switch. It follows the adventures of George, a scrap of fabric who travels through a cloth world to find his beloved, Samantha. It’s not quite Yoshi’s Crafted World, though it sports a similar aesthetic and provides a fun time overall.

The story unfolds via a book, with a new page revealed after each level. This is narrated by English comedian Rufus Hound, whose excellent voice work adds depth to the game, helping bring vibrance to George’s world.

Where's Samantha? Nintendo Switch eShop - storybook

When Samantha is carried off by a gust of wind, George must traverse 45 levels of puzzles to reunite with his one true love. These platform-based levels are littered with traps, which usually require the push or pull of a lever to activate a path. Whether it’s a platform to be moved, a fan to be turned on so you can reach higher places, or simply a blue door that’s too heavy to push open, there’s always a way through. The clever part is how this is achieved.

Along the way, George discovers a special object that turns him blue and doubles his size. He can now push heavier objects, like those blue doors – everything is nicely color-coded in Where’s Samantha?, making it clear which character is needed to solve each puzzle. 

Where's Samantha? Nintendo Switch eShop - blue

But the fun doesn’t stop there – blue George can also split himself into two smaller red Georges. You can take control of either clone, using one to activate a switch or jump to new areas while the other takes a little nap. You can then switch control to the other George and catch up with your buddy, morphing back into the blue version when you need to. As if that weren’t enough, then there’s the purple George, which is basically three Georges. You can probably guess how this guy works.

It’s a neat concept that’s well executed, using simple controls to split, morph, and change characters. The puzzles are cleverly designed, with some real head scratches in there, although the overall experience is a soothing one. This is exemplified by the relaxing soundtrack that sits neatly in the background. It’s also a forgiving game, with infinite lives to rely on. When you fall down a crevice or otherwise perish, you simply respawn at the nearest edge or checkpoint.

Where's Samantha? Nintendo Switch eShop - jumping

My only real gripe is that some of the levels become frustrating when you can’t work out how to pass through, despite the relaxing mood it presents. It’s satisfying to eventually solve them, but sometimes I found that I needed a break before coming back to the game. There’s no way to move forward without completing each level, leaving little to do when you’re stuck.

There’s also a secondary objective to keep you playing a little longer. Random letters of the alphabet are scattered throughout each level and collecting these is important if you want to fully complete the game. 

Overall, Where’s Samantha? presents a cute puzzle-platformer featuring scraps of cloth as the main characters. The levels are cleverly designed, though sometimes frustrating, and the excellent narration is a bonus.