Wonder Blade is an action-adventure, role-playing fighting game from the publisher East2West Games. Let’s take a closer look to see if this game is worth the $14.99 asking price.

You play as a knight trying to win the heart of The King’s daughter in an attempt to be chosen to marry her. Midway through showing off his fighting skills, the kingdom is attacked by goblins. The goblins, controlled by a crazy villain, kidnapped the King’s daughter, and it is your job to rescue her. While the story isn’t anything mind-blowing, it leads into what becomes a rather fun game. I love the fact that the introduction to the story also serves as a tutorial. It was a good segue into the action.

Wonder Blade

Essentially you are just hacking and slashing your way through enemies. This may seem meaningless, but Wonder Blade found a way to make it fun. As you hack your way through enemies, you rack up combos, which is fun to see how long you can get on the go. Also, as you’re doing that, you build up your magic points, which can be used to cast the magical spell.

Wonder Blade

As enemies are defeated, they will drop money, weapons, and food. The food will recover HP. If you save enough money, you can buy different costumes, potions for healing health and magic, and various weapons.

I love that the wacky costume changes weren’t just cosmetic; they actually gave you a special ability. For instance, wearing the Cheese armor will give you extra chances of food drops when defeating enemies.

Wonder Blade

As you level up, you get to choose whether to boost your defense stat, attack stat, or magic and start to learn different combinations of attacks that are very helpful in battle.

When I first saw Wonder Blade, I kind of assumed it would be a goofy little adventure, nothing too much more. But I was proven wrong. Trying to get your combo hits in a row as high as possible with a lot of fun. The armor changes serve a purpose other than just defense; it was a nice little touch and surprised me. There were so many small things in Wonder Blade that you may find in games of this genre. I was happy and excited to see that many of them were found in this one. It made it feel like more of a solid game. At $14.99, it’s certainly worth the price.