For you long term followers of this site, you probably remember the old site look and name After we switched to we kept around for a redirect link. Now our contract is up with the domain and Justin and I, after long deliberation, decided it is time to let it go. Now all you will find at, is an ad from godaddy. It seems like a little part of my past has been laid to rest. It was there for me when I joined the blogging business., you will rest in peace….well until some other place buys you up.

Important Site Info

We are in the process of updating to the next version of wordpress. It should be completed sometime tonight or in the morning. With each update there always seems to be some type of hiccup. The hiccups are not a big deal. If it happens it will most likely affect one of the plug-ins that are to the right of the page: Calendar, recent comments, and so on. Purenintendo itself will be fine, you just may not be able to see the recent comments or anything, we will get those fixed as soon as possible, if they go down. Sorry for any inconvenience.