Another change in the rumor of when Rock Band 2 will be coming to the Wii. Last month we reported that a retailer had the Wii listed for sometime next month. Now multiple retailers: GamesStop, Wal-Mart, and Circuit City are reporting either a December 16th or 18th release of Rock Band 2 for the Wii. If one of these dates are true, I am sure we will be hearing some official announcement soon.

Update: I just received this confirmation of Rock Band 2 this month, in the weekly gamestop email.

Rock Band 2
Wii and PS2 Versions Ship this Month

Xbox 360 users got the first taste of Rock Band 2 in September, with the PS3 crowd getting their chance to rock a month later. The rest of you are still perusing old copies of Hi-Lites for Children in the Rock Waiting Room. You’ll soon be able to put down Goofus and Gallant, because the game-only versions of Rock Band 2 for Wii and PS2, as well as the Wii Special Edition Bundle, will ship December 18. Order online or visit your local GameStop.