– DS version in the works
– make your own characters
– improved character models
– view your band members hopping into their van to head to a show
– practice and perform
– band will be visible while you choose what songs you play
– everything you do earns achievements in the goal-based career mode
– hundreds of goals involving instruments, gameplay modes and DLC
– Road Challenges: “taking Rock Band 1 and 2’s band world tour (mode) and merging it with Mario Party. We tried to find a way to get the core    experience people had playing the band world tour and the things they really enjoyed, like getting the van or getting random set lists, and putting that  into a setting that you can finish in an evening instead of a week. So now we have all these tours which are actually you going on a tour of the East  Coast or touring across the world, and you are finishing that in three hours or whatever time you think you have to play.” – Harmonix’s Dan Teasdale
– Rock Band library expected to grow to about 2,000 songs by year’s end
– separate songs by tunes that only appear in Rock Band 3, songs under three minutes, eighties metal songs from my (downloadable) collection, and  many more choices
– Rock Band Pro mode for keyboards, guitars and drums, more realistic note placement and notations, such as numbers flowing down the highway with  the 6 guitar strings
– “It (fully-functional guitar) can tell where your fingers are based on technology in the neck and the bridge of the guitar. No buttons. While you’re  playing it, it feels exactly like playing a real guitar.” – John Drake of Harmonix
– Fender Mustang Pro controller from Mad Catz
– field of buttons in each fret
– finger positions are represented in the game’s display
– three new cymbals are added to the standard four drum pads,
– forced to play the correct cymbal at the right time
– keyboard uses full two-octave rang

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