Gonintendo is reporting on some new details surrounding the new Romance of the Three Kingdoms game. The latest in the franchise is heading to Wii. Here are some of the details:

Effecient Management through Merger and Acquirement Systems
You can Merge with other Governts and upgrade your buildings. The Space inbetween the two states will be a large new area to build on. There are new buildings like the Ministry for foreign Affairs or the Black market.

Upgrade through the Research System
You can research the strength of your Army and upgrade the power the ability and the specialities of your Generals. Offence, Defence, Strategy and Charisma are the 4 categories

The ‘Kessen Mode’
Famous battles of the romance of the three dynasties will be simulated. The Kessen mode lets you win against the enemies through a scenario.. 20 missions

I never played the Romance of the Three Kingdoms games on the SNES, but this is still good news that Nintendo is getting so much support from developers. There are more details if you follow the link.

Source: Gonintendo