Apparently it looks like Sony is grasping for excuses on why they don’t have the rumble feature on their new controller. This is a quote from Sony’s president of worldwide studios Phil Harrison.

“I believe that the Sixaxis controller offers game designers and developers far more opportunity for future innovation than rumble ever did. Now, rumble I think was the last generation feature; it’s not the next-generation feature. I think motion sensitivity is. And we don’t see the need to do that. Having said that, there will be specific game function controllers, potentially like steering wheels that do include vibration or feedback function — not from us but from third parties.”

Motion sensitivity what?!?! Doesn’t Nintendo have motion sensitivity too? (way better i might add) And they also have rumble. NO WAY!! And Nintendo is selling a lot more system then you!!! Sorry Sony this excuse dosn’t cut it with me.

Source: 1up