Zentendo was recently tipped off by an extremely reliable source that Disaster: Day of Crisis is coming along very nicely, and some new details were divulged. With Project: H.A.M.M.E.R. being confirmed as cancelled recently by Famitsu, and no new media of Day of Crisis for over a year now, many feared the game was also being scrapped.

Our source has revealed that the scenario of the game has undergone drastic changes in the past year, which originally focused on the concept that natural disasters afford a group of terrorists the window of opportunity to steal nuclear weapons in the United States. These terrorists then use these nuclear weapons to hold the United States hostage unless their demands are met. As the hero of the game, players must not only deal with mother nature and the aftermath, but also work against a ticking clock to stop a nuclear disaster.

As for the villians, currently labeled as rogue special forces by Nintendo’s own description, we’ve learned that their disposition is that they are ex-patriots who feel they’ve been betrayed by the United States government, so Nintendo is playing the domestic threat hand. Additionally, in some form they are holding the president of the United States hostage – either literally or forcing him to comply with threat of detonating the nuclear weapon.

The premise sounds like a hybrid of the film The Day After Tomorrow and the TV show 24. In addition to this intense storyline, the game will feature extensive voice acting, as most of the major character roles have finished up principal voice recording for the game. No word on who exactly lent their voice talents to the game. Typically sound work is done in the final stages of a game’s development cycle, which means Day of Crisis is coming along faster than anyone could have guessed.

On a final note, it was indicated that development changes did happen when Nintendo obtained Monolith, as Nintendo has since taken more control of various aspects such as localization and product development.

The source indicated that Nintendo plans to release the game sometime between Q1-Q2 2008.