Taken from an PlayStation blog:

It has been brought to my attention that PlayStation Underground held a secret focus group earlier this year. A small group of PS3 owners were sent to a facility in ****** ****, California to test a new PlayStation product in development.

Once inside the testing facility, these PS3 owners were shown a mini-tripod that stood about 12 inches high. and what looked like 4 black PS3 “wiimotes”.  Well they were essentially “wiimotes” for the PS3, but didn’t need a “nunchuck” attachment.  I will refer to them as “PS3motes” for now on.

Two things strike me as odd. First why would Sony attempt to do something that has already been done twice “cough” Microsoft “cough” 2nd; Wow!! There is a PlayStatsion Blog!! I did not think anyone cared enough about PlayStation to make one!! Just kidding guys, just kidding. It is true though that Nintendo fans have the most blogs.