– The fabulous adventures of Brian Basco and Gina Timmins for the first time on console

– Discover 6 great chapters of an unforgettable adventure full of surprises and meet more than 30 eccentric 3D characters!

– Up to 100 locations from all four corners of the world, all rendered in lush graphical detail.

– A unique graphical experience due to a perfect combination of animations in 3D and the traditional 2D design of adventure games.

– As never seen before on DS, the game offers one hour of amazing animated sequences that will underpin the plot. This true technological exploit has been made feasible thanks to the use of the advanced VX2 codec.

– Enjoy the great experience of Point ‘n Click gameplay on DS thanks to the mouse / stylus substitution.

– An intuitive zoom system offers an excellent visibility when exploring the adventure environments.

– Thanks to the DS double-screen, a highly-optimised navigation system gives you the possibility to switch from the inventory to the game screen at any time.

– Integrated help system making it easier to solve the most difficult puzzles.