Classic action-adventurer returns to the home console with new play mechanics, techniques and game modes.

February 13th 2009 – Let loose your inner gladiator and swing into action as Rising Star Games announces the return of the legendary warrior in Rygar: The Battle of Argus, exclusively for the Nintendo Wii™. Featuring updated gameplay mechanics with the legendary Diskarmour shield as well as new techniques, enemies and game modes, this latest version brings the classic action-adventure gameplay back to gaming purists. Rygar: The Battle of Argus is set to swing back into action throughout PAL territories in June 2009.

In Rygar: The Battle of Argus, intuitive use of the Wii Remote™ allows players to effectively control the powerful weapon to destroy enemies and manoeuvre on, around, over and under obstacles. Players will challenge themselves in the all-new Gladiator Mode by rapidly swinging and slashing their way through non-stop waves of foes.

Key features:

Innovative gameplay mechanics – the legendary Diskarmour shield can be used for attack, defence or transportation
Not the same Rygar – conquer new enemies, techniques and game modes
Gladiator Mode – play the new Gladiator Mode specially equipped for the versatile swinging movement of the Wii Remote
Action packed adventure – this action-adventure title spans various unique zones and requires vanquishing multiple enemies and puzzle solving
Intense combo attacks – multiple Diskarmour weapons are available to be found and upgraded with elemental power-ups such as fire, ice and lightening. Engage the enemy with over 40 different devastating combo attacks