Deep Silver has released the first of a new series of Memorable Moments videos to celebrate the upcoming release of Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package for Nintendo Switch.

The videos take a humorous look at when good heists go bad – those times when the best laid plans of a Saints Row heist have gone south. Check out the first instalment below.

The Memorable Moments series of gameplay trailers will roll out over the next few weeks ahead of the game’s launch. The Saints Row videos highlight crime-flavored nostalgia for longtime fans, showcasing the antics and banter that occur in the midst of a full-blown heist.

The first video highlights the moment when the Third Street Saints were the kings of Stilwater. Pierce has just become the face of a soft drink campaign, while The Boss, Shaundi and GAT are taking a shot at robbing Stilbank’s National Bank. Things do not go as planned.

Check it out and let us know your thoughts. Are you excited to get into more heists on the Switch?

Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package is coming at you on May 10 for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Deep Silver