Luckily Deep Silver decided to take some of the fans’ issues with Saints Row: The Third — Full Package on Nintendo Switch, to heart. On May 14th, 2019 Deep Silver & Koch Media PR announced that it would be getting its first patch Thursday, May 16th at 3pm. It is currently unknown, though, as to what timezone they are referencing.

Deep Silver was kind enough to provide us with some details on what to expect in the upcoming update on Thursday:

  • Added low-resolution particle rendering and improved performance
  • Added credits sequence updates for icons and names
  • Fixed a problem where the audio was not synced after switching to the main menu and back.
  • Subtitles fixes for the adaptation of female characters
  • Correction to the pop-up issue with user confirmation to reconnect to Nintendo Switch Online after disconnect
  • Improved automatic matchmaking for public gaming
  • Russian & Japanese localization of the DLC improved
  • Crash Fix: fixed abort after selecting “End Game” on the poses screen fixed.
  • General fixes and performance optimizations
  • Too long loading screen corrected
  • Improved international and Japanese subtitles as well as synchronization

While this is only a handful of the bugs being fixed, others will require a deeper look at. If any of the following occur, or any that aren’t listed above, and are interfering with your enjoyment of the game, please contact the technical support team using this form:

http: // support / action index.php? page = article & cat = 6 & id = 5 & artlang = en

Be sure to give them as much information possible so that they can replicate and fix it. This includes the system number for your Nintendo Switch, the SD cards used and your region.

  • Input Delay
  • By default, low control sensitivity
  • Controller sensitivity during character creation
  • Texture and graphics errors

Source: Link 1

How do you feel about the continued support of bug issues? Are you satisfied with the fixes being provided? We’d love to hear your feedback on our various social media pages, and in the comments below.