Cubed3 is reporting on an interview with the creator of the Final Fantasy series. He talks about the next-gen systems, including the Wii:

GameSpot: With this generation, Sony and Nintendo are doing different things from each other and also from Microsoft. Each has its own strategy this time. What do you think of their individual approaches? Do the things they’re doing make you want to develop for either of their systems?

Hironobu Sakaguchi: [in English] Ah, Kutaragi-san’s architecture…seven DSPs and a low-powered CPU. I don’t like the PS3’s architecture.

[in Japanese] First off, with Sony, programmers want to do well and want to create good software, but Kutaragi-san makes the final call and [designs] the [hardware and software] environment himself. So that’s been really challenging.

And with the Wii, the system is not that powerful, and it’s not HD. But the fact is that there are not a lot of homes that have HD TVs. So I feel, for example, at my place, the screen I have is not in HD. So when I play the games, both for the Wii and 360, it’s hard to tell the difference. But with the Wii, it’s relatively cheaper to make. It’s less costly. So that’s one of the attractive things about the Wii.

Sounds like there is a possibility of some Wii games from him in the future.

Source: Cubed3