IGN has a great interview with the developers of the Wii version of Scarface: The World is Yours.  Here’s a snippet of the interview that talks about the gameplay using the Wiimote:

IGN: One of the main additions to the Wii version is the novice and expert controls for the bounding box. How has IR (and Wii technology) impacted how Scarface is designed for the system?

Thomas: Using the Wiimote to aim and fire weapons is just so much more rewarding than using an analog joystick. Tony is such a visceral and bloody-minded character that he almost demands a more hands-on control scheme than what the PS2 and Xbox offer, which is why we’ve had so much fun with the controls. We put the controls through hardcore focus testing to make sure that they not only feel responsive and behave as players expect them to, but that players can modify them in meaningful ways to suit their gameplay styles. That’s where our aiming preference system comes in. It allows you to specify the size of the ‘dead zone’ on-screen, basically the area on-screen that you can move the aiming reticule around in without rotating the camera. We found that some people preferred a very wide area, and some preferred a very small area. For those players that want it, this means that we can duplicate mouse-look sensitivity with the Wii Remote…very twitchy but really rewarding.

Check the source for the whole interview, including some dirty jokes about the Wiimote and ‘Say hello to my little friend’ ;)

Source: IGN Wii