A reader over at sent in this pic of his Supersmash brothers Brawl case and disk, and he claims he got it from Sears. I looks pretty much real. The interesting thing is over at, it says brawl is already in stock. I know I will be leaving soon to check this out. HERE

UPDATE: Ben and I went to some of our local Sears stores and asked about Brawl. They told us that they must be sold out because they don’t have any in stock, and there computers are showing that they do. This really does not mean they had them, it could just be a typo in the computer. Many people believe what we started to believe; That the copy above is a review copy that this person got a hold of. If anyone has received an earlier copy of Brawl just let us know.

We also went to about 4 different stores to see if we would get lucky; we did not. : (

UPDATE 2: Reports are coming in that is accepting you purchases for Brawl. If it is shipped out in the next couple of days, you could very possibly be getting Brawl early.