Cubed��s Adam Riley: First of all, what made you decide to bring Secret Files to Wii and how long has the game been in development?

Ren� Lange, Associate Producer at Keen Games: Usually, when you play PC games you are sitting a short distance in front of your monitor, using a mouse and keyboard that are next to you on the desk. Someone who likes to play point & click adventures, like for example Secret Files: Tunguska, might want to do this in a more relaxed environment. The Wii console is a great system that supports the right input device for such adventures, allowing these games to be played on a big TV, while making yourself comfortable on your sofa. I think that during the 8 months of development, we successfully brought Secret Files: Tunguska to Wii for a more comfortable and relaxed gaming experience.

AR: Do you have a date set for the game�s release on both Wii and DS yet?

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