I’m sure everybody heard about SEGA’s comments yesterday that the Wii doesn’t have the staying power for many more years. Well now they’ve clarified those comments in a new interview with GameDaily:

“SEGA has fully supported the Wii since day one and we continue to do so – it’s no secret that we are close partners. Nintendo has done a masterful job of selling its vision and expanding the market. That said, it’s a shared responsibility and opportunity for the whole industry to take advantage of the possibilities of the Wii. If we don’t realize its true potential, we will have missed a great opportunity to expand creatively and that is what I was cautioning against in the Reuters interview. I’m not just putting the responsibility of innovation on Nintendo. It’s on SEGA and all the publishers and developers as well to carry that flag.

SEGA has been behind the Wii since day one. At E3 2006, our booth was one of the only places you could play a Wii game other than at the Nintendo’s. We had playable versions of Super Monkey Ball and Sonic and the Secret Secret Rings up and running. We also just announced a historic partnership with Nintendo to create Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games – a title that SEGA and Nintendo are developing together exclusively for the Wii and DS. We currently have seven titles that we’ve announced for the Wii such as The Golden Compass, NiGHTS and Ghost Squad, and many more in development.

The Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3 all have their own unique advantages. SEGA is excited to be publishing for all three consoles.”

We forgive you SEGA, now focus on making some better games!