I was able to listen to the great Nolan Bushnell speak and ask him a few questions while attending SEIGE in Atlanta Georgia yesterday. Below are a few excerpts of what Mr. Bushnell sees as the future of video games.

  • iphone, iPad, and Andriod seen as the future of hand held video games. “No one over the age of 8 will be playing with their DS.”
  • “Augmented reality is so damn fun.” Augmented reality will play a huge part in future games.
  • The distant future of games will immerse the player in the games; ie Bio implants, brain/eye tracking.

Other things mentioned in presentation.

  • Had the opportunity to own a 3rd of Apple.
  • Played Mafia Wars for a while, enjoyed it.
  • Some favorite games, Coin-op games, Doom, Sims, Planets Vs. Zombies, Early Warcraft.
  • Bushnell is very passionate about changing our school systems in the States. Needs to be an overhaul of our public system. Working on incorporating video games into schools.