NATIONAL PARK, New Jersey – is proud to present the ‘NES Holiday Marathon’, a live 12 hour event to raise money for charity.

Beginning December 13th at 12PM EST, the Shamoozal staff will host a retro gaming themed event that will be streamed live through With a focus on variety of content, Shamoozal plans to shake-up the marathon scene by injecting different activities into their 12 hour schedule.

“No doubt about it, we’re going to be playing a ton of Nintendo games, but the focus is going to be less on the completion of these games and more about celebrating them.” says site owner Phil Summers. “On top of all the gaming, we’ll be offering different types of incentives to get people to donate their money to such a great cause.”

That cause being Child’s Play, a charity started by Penny Arcade’s Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, that specializes in distributing video games, toys, books and cash to children’s hospitals across the country.

“We’ll be playing great classic games and some noteworthy bad ones too, we’re going to be drawing sketches of classic game characters and auctioning them off right there on the spot, heck, we’re even going to have a tournament featuring the 1990 Nintendo World Championships throughout the event with a chance for viewers to use their donating dollar to win some prizes. It’s going to be an interesting 12 hours of gaming to say the least.” states Summers enthusiastically.

On July 2008, played host to a similar charity event for Child’s Play, with thousands of viewers tuning in and helping to aid their cause. The staff plans to learn from the previous experience and make this the most entertaining retro session ever.

“These marathons prove that not only do people love to watch great gaming sessions, but they absolutely love to lend a hand when asked to. They aren’t there just to watch someone complete games. They understand the cause, they feel the energy, they love seeing the effort going into it. The amount of support we had last time from the viewers was amazing. For those few hours, everyone is on the same page, they all want to help out. Really, there isn’t a better time to do this than during the holidays, a time for giving and helping those in need.” says Summers full of passion. was created over two years ago with a heavy emphasis on Flash cartoons and geek culture. The latest animated series, GFGAMES, offers a comedic look into gaming culture.

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