Crispy Gamer: Obviously, given the name, Snowboarding is a snowboarding game. But is it more of a snowboard racing game, a snowboard tricks game, a snowboard sim, a snowboard arcade game, or what?

Louis Lamarche: We’re calling it a snowboarding lifestyle game, in that it’s about snowboarding as a whole. So it’s not just about competition, racing, or tricking, but also the idea of using and exploring the mountain as your playground.

Crispy Gamer: If someone just wants to play it as a racing game, or as a trick contest, can they?

Lamarche: Yes, totally. We’ll have about 90 specific competitions and activities set up within the levels, but the mountains are open, so you can, for example, set two points on a mountain, and you and I can race from one to the other, with both of us deciding how we want to get there. And you can do that with racing or tricking, it’s what we call “custom activities.” We also have seamless multiplayer, so it’s easy to set something like this up.

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