We posted, ok I posted, yesterday about a Japanese magazine called CoroCoro, announcing Shiek in Brawl. I was a little hasty to jump on it, and it turns out the translation was wrong. Here’s really what the info was:

1. (mario) MarioFS: (mario fainaru) mario final
Description: A fireball so huge that it swallows up the entire screen. Difficult to avoid.
Point: It shoots from the left to the right side of the screen so it engulfs everyone.

Neutral: (faia booru) fire ball
Up: (suupaa jyanpu panchi) super jump punch
Side: (suupaa manto) super cape
Down: (ponpu) pump

2. (kaabi) Kirby

FS: (cokku) cook
Description: An attack that dumps all your opponents in a pressure cooker. When the stew is ready everyone comes flying out. Collect your KO’s.
Point: Items also come flying out of the pot. Dig in!

Neutral: (suikomu) inhale
Up: (fainnaru katta) final cutter
Side: (hanmaa) hammer
Down: (sutoon) stone

3. (pikachuu) Pikachu

FS: (borutekkaa) volt tackle
Description: Pikachu becomes a large ball of light. Go crash in to your enemies. It is possible to freely control the movement of the ball for a limited time.
Point: Be careful not to fall off the stage when then the effect wears off.

Neutral: (dengeki) lightning attack
Up: (denkou sekka) greased lightning
Side: (roketto zutsuki) rocket charge
Down: (kaminari) thunder

4. (donkii kongu) Donkey Kong

FS: (taru kongo biito) barrel congo beat
Description: The barrel congo’s destructive sound can deliver damage to all your opponents.
Point: Match the button pushing to the music and the power goes up.

Neutral: (jyaianto punchi) giant punch
Up: (supiningu kongu) spinning kong
Side: (donkii heddo batto) donkey head butt
Down: (hando surappu) hand slap

5. (pitto) Pit
FS: (parutena shineitai) palutena’s guard
Description: The goddess Palutena sends in an Icarus army. They close in on opponents throughout the screen.
Point: If you use it when everyone is weak you will rack up KOs.

Neutral: (parutena aroo) palutena arrow
Up: (ikarasu no tsubasa) icarus wing
Side: (enjeru ringu) angel ring
Down: (kagami no tate) mirror shield

6. (fokkusu) Fox

FS: (randomastaa) landmaster
Description: The landmaster, a flying tank, blows away your opponents! The main shot has the power to instantly KO opponents. Aim well and fire!
Point: While hovering you can roll why pressing down on the control stick.

Neutral: (burastaa) blaster
Up: (faia fokkusu) fire fox
Side: (fokkusu iryuujon) fox illusion
Down: (rifurakuto) refract

7. (pokemon toreenaa) Pokemon Trainer

FS: (sanmiittai) triple finish
Description: Combine the abilities of all three pokemon and deliver a blow, an original ability.
Point: The trainer gives out move commands, an important role.

Neutral: (nashi) n/a
Up: (nashi) n/a
Side: (nashi) n/a
Down: (pokemon chenji) pokemon change

8. (rizaadon) Charizard

FS: (sanmiittai) triple finish
Description: The “triple finish” flame specialist. It burns everything in a big way.
Point: If an opponent is close they take severe damage.

Neutral: (kaenhousha) flamethrower
Up: (sora wo tobu) fly through the sky
Side: ( iwa kudaki) rock smash
Down: (pokemon chenji) pokemon change

9. (fushigisou) Ivysaur

FS: (sanmiittai) triple finish
Description: It doesnt matter which pokemon get’s the smash ball, you can soon use the ability.
Point: While using the ability you are invincible. Watch your opponents fly through the air.

Neutral: (tane mashin gan) seed machine gun
Up: (tsuru no muchi) vine whip
Side: (happa kattaa) leaf cutter

10. (zenigame) Squirttle

FS: (sanmiittai) triple finish
Description: Squirrtle enters the final smash with a hydro pump. It sends your opponents flying.
Point: Regardless of your opponents the caption reads (”souka wa batsugun da”) “outstanding”.

Neutral: (mizu deppou) water gun
Up: (taki nobori) waterfall climb
Side: (kara ni komoru) withdrawl in to shell
Down: (pokemon chenji) pokemon change

11. (aiku) Ike

FS: (daitenkuu) great heaven
Description: An invincible Ike slices up opponents with a flaming sword. After the last of the slices, Ike’s final blow sends opponents flying towards the ground.
Point: The final blow can effectively hit several characters.

Neutral: (funka) eruption
Up: (tenkuu) heaven
Side: (iaikiri) drawn cut
Down: (kauntaa) counter

12. (samasu) Samus

FS: (zero reezaa) zero lazer
Description: A very thick lazer fires from Samus’ right arm. It extends across the screen.
Point: After executing the move Samus changes in to Zero Suit Samus.

Neutral: (chaaji shotto) charge shot
Up: (sukryuu atakku) screw attack
Side: (misairu) missle
Down: (bomu) bomb

13. (kuppa) Bowser
FS: (giga kuppa henshin) giga bowser transformation
Description: Size, power, everything goes up. Giga Bowser sends opponents flying.
Point: Giga Bowser is invincible. Rampage away to your heart’s content.

Neutral: (kuppa buresu) bowser breath
Up: (supiningu sheru) spinning shell
Side: (daibingu puresu) diving press
Down: (kuppa doroppu) bowser drop

14. (dedede) Dedede

FS: (wadorudi gundan) waddle dee army
Description: A ton of waddle dees attack your opponents. The waddle dee’s movement is faster than normal.
Point: At times Gordo is also mixed in to the army.

Neutral: (suikomu) inhale
Up: (suupaa dedede jyanpu) super dedede jump
Side: (wadorudi nage) waddle dee throw
Down: (jetto hanmaa) jet hammer

15. (rinku) Link

FS: (toraifoosu rasshu) triforce rush
Description: It locks your opponent in to the triforce’s light where they can not escape. With amazing speed you cut away at your opponent repeatedly until the final blow sends them flying.
Point: You can only hit one opponent. The damage taken in huge.

Neutral: (yuusha no yumi) hero’s bow
Up: (kaiten kiri) spinning cut
Side: (shippu no buumeran) gale boomerang
Down: (bakudan) bomb

16. (didii kongu) Diddy Kong

FS: (bareru jetto panikku) barrel jet panick
Description: While flying through the air you can shoot your peanut pop guns. When time runs out the barrels explode becoming one final attack.
Point: Missed peanut shots can be eaten. You can recover life.

Neutral: (piinattsu poppu gan) peanut pop gun
Up: (bareru jetto) barrel jet
Side: (monkii furippu) monkey flip
Down: (banana no kawa) banana peel

17. (piichi) Peach

FS: (piichi buraasamu) peach blossom
Description: An ability that puts opponents to sleep with Peach’s flamboyant dancing.
Point: The closer opponents are to Peach the longer they sleep.

Neutral: (kinopi gaado) toad guard
Up: (piichi parasoru) peach parasol
Side: (piichi bonbaa) peach bomber
Down: ( yasaihikko nuki) vegetable pluck

18. (aisu kuraimaa) Ice Climbers

FS: (aisubaagu) iceberg
Description: A huge iceberg appears on stage. Suddenly your footing becomes much smaller. Opponents are also frozen from the extreme cold. Its your chance to attack!
Point: While the move is in effect, opponents automatically take damage from the cold.

Neutral: (aisu shotto) ice shot
Up: (gomu jyanpu) rubber jump
Side: (toruneedo hanmaa) tornado hammer
Down: (burizaado) blizzard

19. (meta naito) Metaknight
FS: (garakushia daakunesu) galaxia darkness
Description: Metaknight throws forth his cape and nearby opponents are taken in to darkness. He slices hard at opponents who did not escape.
Point: All opponents caught in the cape are hit.

Neutral: (mahha toruneido) mach tornado
Up: (shattoru luupu) shuttle loop
Side: (doriru rasshu) drill rush
Down: (dimenshon manto) dimension cape

20. (ryuka) Lucas
FS: (PK sutaa sutoomu) PK skar storm
Description: Meteors come raining down. The smaller the stage the more it hits.
Point: When the meteors start falling down the amount increases as more time passes.

Neutral: (PK furiizu) PK freeze
Up: (PK sandaa) PK thunder
Side: (PK faiaa) PK fire
Down: (sai magunetto) psi magnet

21. (yosshii) Yoshi

FS: (suupaa doragon) super dragon
Description: Yoshi grows wings and can even spit out flames. Chase your opponents from above!
Point: Yoshi can breathe out flames or spit fire balls. Divy up their use.

Neutral: (tamago umi) egg hatch
Up: (tamago nage) egg throw
Side: (goro goro tamago) rumbling egg
Down: (hippu duroppu) hip drop

22. (wario) Wario

FS: (wario man) wario man
Description: Wario transforms! Push the buttons repeatedly so that he delivers multiple blows. His shoulder tackle can only be used after he transforms.
Point: It is better that Wario does not ride his bike while transformed.

Neutral: (wario kamitsuki) wario bite
Up: (kookusukuryuu) corkscrew
Side: (wario baiku) wario bike
Down: (warioppe) wario fart

23. (zeruda) Zelda

FS: (hikari no yumiya) light bow and arrow
Description: Fired from a side stance it penetrates any opponent directly in its line of fire delivering high damage.
Point: The penetrating force also has the ability to break through opponents’ shields.

Neutral: (neeru no ai) Nayru’s love
Up: (furoru no kaze) Farore’s wind
Side: (dein no honoo) Din’s flame
Down: **not listed**

24. (zero suutsu samasu) Zero Suit Samus

FS: (pawaado suutsu souchaku) powered suit equip
Description: Once again equip the removed power suit. It’s back to Samus.
Point: To continue fighting as Zero Suit Samus be sure not to grab the smash ball.

Neutral: (pararaizaa) paralyzer
Up: (purazuma waia) plasma wire
Side: (purazuma uippu) plasma whip
Down: (furippu jyanpu) flip jump

Additional Cards

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The other info about Zelda’s final smash still seems to be holding true. Once again I apologize for my hastiness.