With Shin Megami Tensei available for purchase or download today, here is a quickstart guide to what you need to know about SMT 4.


Finally, a variety of in-game items will be available as Add-On Content (AOC) at launch:

  • Three custom looks will be available for the protagonist to alter his look by changing hairstyles. These AOC items will be permanently free for anyone to download.


  • There will be a beneficial armor item free for the first month. The White Samurai Apparel offers a little bonus to stats in the early stages of the game, and will help players new to the franchise keep the upper hand. The armor will be available for free for the first month after launch. After the first month, the price of the armor set will revert to $0.99 permanently.


  • There will also be a map pack available at launch to help players gain more experience. Suitable for the early stages of the game, the AOC will help players gain extra experience to boost their characters’ stats, as well as granting a collectible demon, exclusive to the AOC. The map pack will be $1.99 at launch.