Nintendo’s Seal of Quality is one of the things that helped the Gaming industry pull itself out of the big gaming crash. The seal the says “this game is worthy enough to be called a Nintendo game.” Over the years we have seen the Seal change from “Official Nintendo Seal of Quality” to “Nintendo Official Seal” now it has fadded away from our games boxes entirely, and we have began seeing games that where just not up to standard. Gamaustra posted the question to a few gaming analyst “Should there be a Wii Seal of Quality?”

We asked Jesse Divnich of The simExchange, Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan Securities and Ed Barton of Screen Digest:

Are you concerned about the long-term prospects of the Wii, if Nintendo manages to meet consumer demand for it this year?

Should Nintendo bring back the “Nintendo Seal of Quality” (or an alternative game approval method) to enforce more stringent standards for third-party Wii games?

Are there any upcoming Wii titles for this year that you believe will help the system — besides the Nintendo franchise titles (e.g. Super Smash Bros. Brawl)?

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