Acclaimed retro-inspired 2D platformer Shovel Knight will receive a free expansion pack called Plague of Shadows, with a whole host of new content.

Developer Yacht Club Games has provided details of the expansion, including a “second quarter 2015” release window. Some of the many features included with this update include:

  • play as character Plague Knight, a robed, skeletal, bird-looking figure armed with explosives and alchemy
  • new crafting system that allows you to turn loot into equipment and power ups
  • new adventure featuring remixed game content, new objectives and enemies, redesigned areas and paths and completely fresh boss fights.


The Plague of Shadows content was actually promised as a stretch goal during Shovel Knight’s Kickstarter campaign in April 2013. The $75k goal was enormously surpassed, with an ending total of $311k raised.

Shovel Knight was released on both the Wii U and 3DS in June last year (November in Europe) and the free expansion will be coming to both systems.

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