Vicarious Visions, developer of Skylanders Giants, revealed Friday that the game will run in the Wii U at 1080p.  This is on the heels of similar news from Capcom regarding Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.  Karthik Bala, Co-Studio Head at Vicarious Visions, actually had quite a bit to say about the Wii U launch title, Skylanders Giants.  Not only has Karthik Bala said, “The game is actually running at 1080p on the display.” but he was also quite pleased with playing the entire game on the Wii U’s GamePad.

“One of the features I wasn’t convinced about early on turned out to be my favorite feature and that is actually playing the entire console game on the GamePad. It’s a surprisingly compelling experience when you’ve got the characters and the whole game in front of you in the palm of your hand.”

Skylanders Giants will make use of the accelerometer and gyroscope during some of Skylanders minigames.  The one feature that Skylanders Giants will not take advantage of is Miiverse.

“We don’t have support for Miiverse in this year’s edition.  But it is something that I am personally excited about. I think that that’s a bit of a trojan horse for Nintendo in my personal opinion. I think they’ve got something very special with Miiverse and  is something that we’re actively looking into.”

And one last piece of great news, if you have a ton of Skylanders toys and are concerned about them being compatible with Giants, then Vicarious Visions has you covered.  During this interview, Karthik Bala lets us know that all Skylanders toys, regardless of what system they were purchased for, will work will work with Giants on the Wii U.  You can catch the whole Karthik Bala Interview with Nintendo World Report below.